“Kevin brings the grandness of the galaxies and the awesomeness of astronomy to his programs.”

— LAURI REESE, Hollywood Area Children's Librarian


Kevin has spoken to more than one million individuals around the globe, from kindergartners to retirees.  He loves bringing space down to Earth for audiences.


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"An actual Rocket Scientist with a phenomenal sense of humor and innate ability to make learning fun and approachable? That's Kevin J DeBruin. He has the unique talent of breaking down complex science and space topics into fun, easy to digest tidbits of knowledge that our audience can't get enough of. Simply put, he is a rockstar and a tremendous asset to our brand. And it doesn't hurt that he's an absolute joy to work with!”

— ADELINE CASSIN, Chief Marketing Officer, CuriosityStream


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Some popular topics include:

TEDx’s Without Space We Die
The Best Place to Find Aliens
NASA Missions
Solar System with Inflatable Planets
Giving Up One Dream to Achieve Another
Becoming a Rocket Scientist