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Perseverance to Achieve the Impossible

Kevin’s memoir shares the incredible journey of fulfilling a boyhood dream to work for NASA.


Kevin J DeBruin dreamed of designing spaceships for NASA ever since he was a child. DeBruin doesn’t know what the definition of ‘giving up’ is. His ability to never take no for an answer earned him an accomplishment that many dream of...working for NASA.

In To NASA & Beyond, DeBruin shares his incredible journey and the numerous challenges he encountered. Over the course of three years, DeBruin submitted over 150 internship applications to NASA. Georgia Tech initially denied his application to graduate school. After three rounds of interviews NASA JPL they did not give him a job, however Kevin wouldn’t quit. In what totals to over 35 interviews with NASA, DeBruin never lost determination in achieving his dream as a 10-year-old boy.

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