“Kevin’s work as a real life rocket scientist informs his lively, educational presentation, which includes inflatable models of the planets! Get ready to blast off into learning about outer space with Kevin DeBruin.”

— LAURI REESE, Hollywood Area Children's Librarian


Kevin educates about space in a fun, easy to understand way. He’s an expert at bringing space down to Earth.

Kevin’s energetic & entertaining personality makes him a hit with kids, and he’s able to bring out the inner-kid inside each of us with his creative content. Kevin has held dozens of workshops with elementary school students teaching about the solar system using inflatable planets and then having everyone make a soda straw rocket.

He doesn’t just educate, he engages the students, creates excitement, and has everyone participating in their mission to learn about outer space. 

By using space technology, Kevin can also videochat into your classroom and teach from a distance!


“Kevin DeBruin's wonderful combination of expertise and enthusiasm has made him a favorite at Miller Elementary School for years. Whether he's doing a whole-grade assembly about space science or visiting for our annual Read-Aloud event, Kevin is always an engaging speaker and a great example for our young students!”

— AZUREE NATICE, Joaquin Miller Elementary School Library Coordinator


You can book Kevin for: 



Kevin is a space instructor for the SongAm Space Center in Seoul, Korea where kids grades 3-8 are immersed into a 3-day space camp. Here they learn about and actually get to build and test rockets, rovers, space probes, and submarines. Space camp would not be complete without looking through telescopes to explore our solar system’s planets and moons as well as gaze out to distant stars. Kevin also teaches Space Camp with Janet’s Planet.


Library Programs

Kevin is an educator for the Los Angeles Public Library with his Solar System & Soda Straw Rocket program. Kevin teaches about the solar system with inflatable planets and then makes soda straw rockets with the kids. Lastly, once the rockets are made, they are launched at the planets!


School Functions

Captivating an audience in-person and through video chat, Kevin shares his passion for space to inspire students.

“Our students still talk about Kevin’s presentation about NASA years later!”

— MS. ROGERS, Holy Cross Elementary School